Blended Family Road trip

Where we have been & where too next? – A international travel family

October 29, 2017 4 Comments

Things have been so quiet with us on social media, you would think this international travel family has become lost? So its time to update our readers on what we have been doing and where we are heading next because we have a few exciting months ahead of international travel.

What have we been doing?

If you follow us, you would have noticed we recently did a stint up at Cape York. Holy Moly it was an experience worth doing, if you love camping, 4×4 driving or seek adventures that are different to anything else, then Cape York is highly recommended. Blog posts are coming soon as I am bursting with recommendations and tips for everyone, but for now, we will throw in this pic of us reaching the tippity top as a bit of a teaser.


International Travel Family

At the very northern tip of the continent of Australia

After our Cape York adventures, we went back to our loving Fiji to bring on some luxury staying in a house with four walls and a roof, air con, and showers whenever we wanted.  Fiji is always a little bit of heaven for us with our base here, our business here and loads of beautiful friends here that we love returning to our paradise, working with our clients, and sitting still even if it is only or a short time.

Malarial beach club for families

Malamala Beach Club – One of the best day trips we have done in Fiji in SEVEN YEARS.

With work being our priority since returning, it’s been challenging for us to find the time to let you know all the cool things to see and do in our beautiful Fiji.  BUT, my season for 2017 is nearing the end (even though I don’t want it too!) which means I can share with you some fab things to do here soon. Fiji is a fabulous holiday destination. It just keeps getting better and better.

What’s next?

Another cool family pic heading to Cape York

Our very next adventure is us saying I DO.  YES, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. In 5 weeks time, this little Blended Travel Family will become legal and the forever kind.  It will be small, simple, intimate and very private. Exactly like we wanted it from day one. We are in great hands with Louise from Taste Fiji being our trusty talented wedding planner. And yes, we will share the day with you too.

January is still under travel negotiation with us still making plans. Initially, we wanted to use our boat and island hop from Cairns to Brisbane, (sigh, I was really looking forward to that) but John feels its time to sell the boat and repurchase one in Fiji. Not an easy decision for him to make as he has invested many hours of blood sweat and tears in his boat and we haven’t had much fun with it. So January is going to be a surprise for all of us.

February has us in New Zealand.  Never have we visited before, so we have hired a car and will be discovering lots to see and do on the South Island. Everybody that has been before has told us to prepare for sensory overload. Everywhere you look there is stunning scenery.  We cannot wait and have high expectations.

March we are off to India.  Our love for Asia has us visiting the land of spices and colour. Did you think we could go another year without putting our backpacks on? No way. India was calling, and we found crazy cheap flights (more on that soon)

So with that much coming up, you can see why we are excited and wanted to share it with you all. Get ready for images and films of our travels as we discover new lands and add more stamps to the passport.

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The next planned adventures of an International Travel Family

Blended Family

Two single parents joined forces and became

Blended Family Road Trip


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    Alyson Long

    October 29, 2017

    Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read and see what you get up to 🙂

    • Reply

      Blended Family

      October 29, 2017

      Cant wait to share it Alyson. Thank you 🙂

  2. Reply

    Angela Foscarini

    October 29, 2017

    Great things ahead got you all! Love the update & the pics especially Charlottes expression at the tip! X we need to take up more travel!

    • Reply

      Blended Family

      October 29, 2017

      The tip was a great experience. We arrived with a group of dirt bike riders from NSW at the same time. So it was safe to say they were giving her a little bit of cheek when that snap was taken lol