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5 Top Reasons to Travel Qld in Summer – Road Travellers

May 7, 2017 0 Comments

Some called us mad, but we set off to see as much as we could of Queensland during our time there.  We had a fantastic time exploring Queensland during the tropical heat and found there were so many benefits but here are our Top 5 Reasons to Travel in Queensland during Summer.

  • Lots of spaces in free & low-cost camps

There are some magical free camps as you head up the coast from Brisbane to Cairns, but many are small, especially those right on the water. During the travel season, these free camps fill up with only a few caravans or buses.  With our bus, two vehicles and 18-foot boat, we never had any issues or troubles finding a place to free camp, even right on the beach. Some of our favourite places we had completely to ourselves.

Cardwell Beach View

Our view of Cardwell Beach. A big campsite with no one around us for 3 days.

  • Enjoy Free Activities with less or no crowds

The first thing we do when arriving in a new area is check the Australia FREE app for free activities available.  From Brisbane to Cardwell we spent minimally on entry fees (Exceptions being permits to be on Frazer Island & Rainbow Beach, plus a $2 entry fee to a museum in Gin Gin) because we engaged in so many free activities along the way that kept us satisfied and busy.  By travelling in the out of season summer months, crowds are down, and enjoyment is up.

Tip – Head in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday heat.

Free Rockhampton Zoo

Enjoying our morning at Rockhampton Zoo. No crowds, plenty to see and do and it was FREE

Exploring Beach Boulders at Bowen

Exploring Beach Boulders at Bowen. No Crowds

  • Swimming holes are full and flowing with fresh water

One of our most favourite activities to do while travelling is finding great swimming holes.  The upside of travelling in the wet season is plenty of flowing water. They are fresh, cool and provide respite from the warm tropical humidity.

Travel North Queensland Summer

Enjoying Natures spa at Cardwell. We had this spot to ourselves for over an hour.

Cool Beautiful Swimming hole in North Queensland

Magical swimming waterhole near Airlie Beach

  • Accommodation Deals are better & no need to pre-book

Feel like checking into a caravan park? During off season, places offer better deals and sometimes are happy to negotiate such as “Kids Free”.  We got a great deal with a Big 4 Cove Resort Caravan park at Airlie Beach.  Stay 2 nights get the 3rd free or stay for 5 nights get two free.  Pre-booking places locks you into itineraries.  Offseason gives you more flexibility to stay longer when you discover special places.

  • Less Travelling Traffic on the roads

Well, it’s true and not true. Local traffic and business traffic will remain the same, but there is fewer travellers, fewer caravans and bus’s, etc. making more places available to park your big rig.

Travelling Australia with a Bus and Boat

We had no issues finding lots of available parking spaces where suitable travelling Queensland in summer.

Some might say the heat and stingers are a disadvantage. But with a good 12-volt fan, and water, you can get through the worst day without much pain.  With those lovely coastal winds, the heat wasn’t noticeable.  A full stinger suit (November to April) ensures you can enjoy beach swimming. If that doesn’t suit, swim in stinger net areas.

Here is one of our favourites at Dingo Beach.

We found travelling Queensland in summer was a big advantage for us and it could be for you also.

If you get the chance, try it.

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