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Mele Cascades Waterfall – Vanuatu

July 22, 2017 0 Comments

triple cascades at Port Vila Vanuatu

If you don’t want to walk to the top, this is one of the several views you can enjoy at the base of the tropical gardens.

Mele Cascades near Port Vila Vanuatu is a beautiful park of cascading waterfalls meandering down through a stream from the base of the waterfall at the top, down to the entrance at the bottom and beyond through villages and meadows.

Mele Cascades walkways have been developed over the years with a walking path starting at the car park guiding visitors right to the very top. Easy to walk with steep sections being rather short enabling all ages to enjoy the cascades.

Once at the top at the end of the path you will find a security guard and shelving where you are expected to leave bags and personal items before embarking on the final journey, walking over slippery rocks through the gushing water with only a rope to use to keep you stable before taking the next step.  The reward is worth it with a small swimming hole at the base of the waterfall giving a natural massage while sitting directly under the plummeting water.

Mele Cascades

The calmer swimming hole before the final trek to the top. You can see the ropes positioned to help you keep steady.

If you aren’t as brave as some, there is a calmer swimming hole before the rock stairs where Charlotte and I enjoyed the view, the coolness of the water and just relaxed absorbing the tropical surroundings. Being nice and deep it also makes a great spot to climb the rocks and show off your waterbomb talents.

picnic table at mele cascades waterfall

Picnic tables are provided throughout the park for your enjoyment

There are several spots throughout the park providing picnic tables and chair where you can sit and enjoy a self-brought picnic. There are only snacks available to purchase so bring drinks and food for your visit.


How to Get There

  • Hire Car – Cars are available to hire from 7000 VT per day (65 USD or 80 AUD ) Simply make your way through town to the airport. Instead of turning right at the roundabout to head towards the airport, turn left and keep traveling clockwise around Efate.  Approximately a 10 – 15 minute drive from the roundabout you find the Mele Cascades on your left-hand side. The park is well signed and not hard to find.
  • Bus – We never caught the local bus (van) from town to the Cascades, but it is possible. Just ask at any bus stop in town heading in that direction. You will pay approximately 350 – 500 VT pp –
  • Tours – Most of the day tours on offer had the Mele Cascades on offer. Day tours started at 5000 VT pp.


Mele Cascades Entry Fee

Entry is 1500 VT pp. Children under 5 are free. (2017 Prices)

What to Bring

  • Swimming costume. Even in the winter months we loved the temperature of the water and spent considerable time swimming.
  • Swimming towels
  • Reef shoes – Much easier for adults and children climbing up slippery rocks if you are wearing reef shoes with good grip.
  • Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellant.
  • Drinks and Food – Snacks are available but no meals. Bring a picnic and snacks to enjoy more of the park and tropical surroundings.
  • Camera – A great spot to capture beautiful images
  • Tripod – For photography enthusiast, if you are not confident using the rocks or bridge balconies, a tripod is a must for those beautiful slow shutter shots.
  • A bag large enough to hold everything you bring with you so all is safely contained while on the shelves at the top with security.

We spent several hours at the Cascades while on our DIY tour around Vanuatu. We loved the Cascades and felt the entry fee was worth it if you had time to enjoy the park to its fullest and spend several hours swimming.

If you are heading to Vanuatu, pop over to our Complete travel guide of Vanuatu to see detailed information on tours, accommodation recommendations, and general costs.



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