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K’gari Fraser Island – 18 Top Family Things to do.

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With so many things to see and do on K’gari Fraser Island, we put together some tips on GREAT things to do while visiting the Island.

If you want to visit Fraser Island and don’t have the 4×4 equipment or camping gear, That’s OK. We have done some research and found a tremendous 2-day tour with Get your Guide that is PERFECT for those wanting to experience the island while sitting back, relaxing and taking in all the sites, while staying at Eurong Village Resort. 

Sounds pretty perfect to us!!   They also do pick up from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine coast.

Things to do on Fraser Island

1. Picnic at Central Station

The historical heartbeat of K’gari is Central Station.  From the 1920’s to the late 1950’s Central Station was the headquarters for the logging industry on Fraser Island. It was once also the site for over 3o homes and a school for loggers and their children.  Full of history and now a lovely spot with picnic tables and chairs, plus toilet facilities it’s a great place to stop and explore while sitting enjoying morning tea or a bite at lunch.  Take a wander down to the Wanggoolba Creek along the boardwalk to enjoy the quiet, tranquil creek bed where it was once the Butchella women’s area and birthing place. A place where men were forbidden.

Wanggoolba Creek K'gari Fraser Island

Traditional Aboriginal birthing area

Central Station K'gari Fraser Island

2. Swim at Lake MacKenzie

From Central Station, you can take a short drive over Lake MacKenzie, an infamous blue water lake with a magnificent white sandy beach.   What makes the place so unique is its fresh water. When you first see Lake MacKenzie and swim in the water, you naturally expect it to act as a salt water lagoon. There is no tide, no salt and no dangerous marine life. It’s pure paradise with crystal clear blue water, squeaky white silica sand and its 100% rain water. The best times to visit was early morning or late afternoon. Many tours arrive around midday and stay several hours to mid-afternoon making the area very busy.  You cannot take drink or food on to the Lake area.  There are designated fenced off cooking and eating areas that between the car park and walking track to the lake. Do not prepare or eat food in the car park. You will attract Dingos.  Be Dingo Safe.

Clear water at Lake MacKenzie

How awesome is that water?

Swimming at Lake MacKenzie

Does this look like any freshwater lake you have seen before?

Lake MacKenzie K'gari Fraser Island

The sand squeaks beneath your toes!

K'gari Fraser Island Top Family things

That blue to 100% real. No editing here!

3. Build memories at Lake Birrabeen

We first found Lake Birrabeen on the afternoon we arrived when we drove the 4WD track from Central Station to Eurong Village via Dilli Village and 75-mile beach.  Very similar to Lake MacKenzie but without the crowds. It was so enticing to swim. Even without our swimming costumes our little miss five just threw caution to the wind and went in undies only.

Silica Sand Beach - Lake Birraween Swimming at Lake Birraween K'gari Fraser Island

4. Sandboard at Lake Wabby

Head over to Lake Wabby for a little fun sliding down a massive sandhill into the green coloured lake.  What makes Lake Wabby different to the others, is its depth and location.  Surrounded by dunes makes the area unique in contrast with the lake being green in colour and the golden sands leading right to the water’s edge.  Eventually the westward spreading sand blow will swallow up the lake, but for now, we can enjoy this unique area for some serious fun.  I recommend you find Lake Wabby via the Cornwell Track where you can park your vehicle and walk to the lookout (approximately 450 metres) from there you can walk down to the lake (about 1.2 kilometres).  An early morning visit may reward you with a steamy lake.

Lake Wabby K'gari (Fraser Island)

Those little dots are Humans!

Sand boarding Lake Wabby

Photo Credit –

5. Zoom along 75-mile beach

Zoom along 75-mile beach on low tide with the windows down, the music up and nothing but miles and miles of beach.  Excellent fun and beautiful scenery.

75 Mile Beach K'gari Fraser Island

6. Enjoy a Kingfisher Bay sunset

Headed over to Kingfisher Bay jetty for a spot of fishing, sand castle making and a cocktail or two by the beach while watching the sun go down.

Kingfisher Bay Jetty Sunset at Kingfisher Bay Beach

7. Float down Eli Creek

K’gari’s (Fraser Island) underground reservoir provides a continuous flow of purified water down through Eli Creek to the shore.  With a gentle current, you can grab your floating device and float back down through the glorious setting to where the river meets the beach. Make sure to check tidal information as you can only cross Eli Creek on low tide.

Cooling off at Eli Creek Eli Creek K'gari Fraser Island Visitors floating down Eli Creek

Big tip for Blended Family Readers  – If you love Eli Creek but don’t love the crowds, head up the beach, past Dundubara Campground, past the Refuse site and find Wyuna Creek, a smaller untouched creek flowing just like Eli but no crowds

8. Capture Maheno Shipwreck

Heading north past Eli Creek, you will discover Maheno Shipwreck.  The Maheno settled in its resting place in 1936 after an out of season cyclone forced it ashore.  Now a rusty skeleton of its former self, it’s a great spot to get the camera out and explore at a distance.

Please take note of the rules and do not enter the wreck. So many visitors displayed disrespect and ignored the signs. It only takes one person to be injured for this beautiful place to be off-limits to future visitors.

Maheno Shipwreck up close

Maheno Shipwreck

Maheno Creek K'gari Fraser Island K'gari Fraser Island 18 Top Family things

Do you want to visit Fraser Island but don’t have a 4×4 or you are not interested in camping? Then we have found the perfect 2-day tour that will take you to most attractions while travelling in a 4×4 (airconditioned) vehicle and staying overnight at Eurong Village Resort.  Get Your Guide tours are the BEST way to see Fraser Island if you are not a confident 4Wheel Driver or don’t have the right equipment to Do It Yourself.

9. Gaze at the Pinnacles / Coloured Sands

The coloured sands and Pinnacles on K’gari are a fantastic example of how creatively powerful nature can be. Previously a sacred place for the local Indigenous woman to come together and tell stories. Certainly worth a stop and a short walk to see it all up close.

K'gari Pinnacles Fraser Island

10. Look out from Indian Head

Famously named by Captain Cook, Indian Head is a great spot to visit and check out some pretty spectacular views.  Maybe you can spot a turtle, Manta Ray, or even a shark?

Indian Head - K'gari Fraser Island

Photo Credit Syd James

11. Be bubbled at Champagne Pools

You cannot visit K’gari without the “Must Do” trip north along the beach to find the Champagne Pools.  If you haven’t been “Bubbled” on K’gari (Fraser Island), then you are missing out. Best time to visit is low tide, and waves are crashing just over the pools creating millions of bubbles.

One of our most favourite spots on Fraser.

K'gari Champagne Rock Pools

12. Explore Sandy Cape

Take a day drive up to the tippy top of K’gari better known as the Sandy Cape.  With unspoilt beaches and beautiful blue water, ithe drive so rewarding. We were able to view several sharks swimming by, a Dingo taking a bath in the ocean and even a turtle came up to say hello.

Whales bones Fraser Island

Whale bones found on the beach

Sand Walls Sandy Cape Fraser Island Sandy Cape K'gari Fraser Island

13. Soak in Orange Creek

On the way to or from Sandy Cape, stop at the lovely tea coloured “Orange Creek” for a refreshing swim

Orange Creek K'gari Fraser Island Orange Water at Orange Creek Fraser Island Australia Swimming at Orange Creek Fraser Island

 14. Sunrise on the Eastern Beach

Wake up early for a magical sunrise on the Eastern Beach. Then head back home for a yummy breakfast.

Sunrise over Fraser Island

Photo captured beautifully by Silver Creations Photography

15. Pipi Collecting

Head to the beach with your bucket and spade and collect Pipi’s for bait, see who can find the most Pipi’s.

16. Beach Fishing on Sunset

Don’t forget to bring along your fishing rod, or even a hand line for some rewarding beach fishing. We caught so many Dart Fish that we couldn’t eat them all and shared with others.  They were YUMMY. Take a beer or wine and enjoy the coloured sky going dark as day turns to night.

Eastern Beach Swimming Fraser Island Fishing on K'gari Fraser Island

17. Explore the 4×4 tracks

Grab yourself a detailed Fraser Island map before heading over. We purchased a good one for $15 from the Rainbow Beach Information Centre.  A wise investment as we referred to it daily.

4X4 Track on K'gari Fraser Island

18. Make New Friends.

We met so many lovely people just hanging out. One of our favourite couples we met was Greg and Kik. A couple who also travel full time and were returning to the Gold Coast after doing the cape. We loved them both. Greg was a wealth of information and great to be around, Kik was soft, generous, kind and Charlotte fell in love with her.

Making Friends on Fraser IslandLooking for a step by step guide for camping on K’gari Fraser Island. Then head we have prepared it for you.

Have you noticed we refer to Fraser Island as K’gari (pronounced Gari) that’s because K’gari is the correct indigenous name for Fraser Island?

Just like we now call Ayres Rock – Uluru, so you should be calling Fraser Island, K’gari too.

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