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How to find FREE activities travelling Australia – Frugal Road Tips

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We are now into our second year travelling around Australia in our bus and have become experts at finding great things to do and see that are FREE while we do our lap. Australia is a fabulous country boasting some pretty amazing places to see and visit and guess what? Many of those amazing places are FREE

It’s great on the travel pocket spending a full day out and coming home with the same money that you left with in the morning.  We recently travelled from Brisbane to Cardwell spending minimal on entry fees (Exception Frazer Island & Rainbow Beach permits plus Gin Gin museum for $2) but our days were full to overflowing, and we created some of the best memories yet.

How to find FREE activities travelling Australia – Frugal Road Tips



An excellent way to keep road travel costs down is to seek out FREE places in advance before you first arrive at a new area.  By planning out your FREE activities, you not only save money on avoiding expensive entry fees but also on fuel working out the best travel route. Many times we found free things to see on route to our next destination. Planning is essential

Frugal Road Travel

FREE Boolboonda Tunnel provided us with a lovely morning exploring the area, discovering the southern hemisphere longest unsupported tunnel and checking out the many many bats. FREE

Invest in “Australia for Free” App

For a measly few dollars, you can purchase the “Australia for Free” app.  We have several apps we use during our travels around Australia. We love this app for seeking out FREE activities within the areas we go through.

Rockhampton Cattle Yards

A visit to the cattle sale yards in Rockhampton not only provided us with a local view to the area but a wonderful educational experience teaching our homeschooling student about the beef industry of Australia and a little about farming. FREE

Visitor Information Centres

Visitor Information Centres are a great source of wonderful local knowledge.  Drop in and ask for information on free things to do and see while you are in their area. We have enjoyed some great experiences and found most of the staff are more than happy to share local knowledge and information on free or low costs things to do and see.


Carlo Sand Blow is a massive FREE sand blow you can visit, explore and provides a special view of Rainbow Beach, and also a great source of physical activity. No Gym fees required!


Seek out Local Councils

The local council can point you in the right direction to find information on their free services or events they are providing for the local community. School holidays and festive seasons are wonderful times of the year for free activities to enjoy.

How to find FREE activities travelling Australia - Frugal Road Tips

Cardwell Spa was one of our favourites in Qld that we enjoyed for FREE. So many wonderful FREE wonders of nature to enjoy around Australia.


Pick the brains of Travellers

Pull up a chair around a campfire or while making friends on the road, take the time to ask them what things they have found for free along the way. Make sure you share your tips in return.

Free Rockhampton Zoo

Rockhampton Zoo and Botanical Gardens gave us a full morning of fun completely FREE.


Ask a local

Locals know their area best. While spending time in their area, get to know them, and they in return will share their local knowledge. One of our best swimming experiences was at Byfield National Park.  A local shared a spot where you can walk upstream and float back down to the open sea. A spot we would never have found without local knowledge.

Free things to do exploring Qld

A memorable afternoon exploring the enormous beach boulders at Bowen. FREE


In Qld alone, we experienced so many FREE activities such as waterfalls, sliding rocks, museums, galleries, botanical gardens, zoo, explored endless beaches, walked restored town streets, swam in amazing FREE waterparks and waterholes, walked hiking tracks, been in awe at lookouts. The list is endless, and we have loved every minute.

Enjoying a DIY FREE tour of Childers town. A volunteer educates us in an old pharmacy about medicines in times gone by. FREE

Next family road trip don’t be confused on How to find FREE activities travelling Australia. 


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