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Fiji – Vanuatu – Fiji. Experience more of the South Pacific for Less

July 10, 2017 0 Comments

While in the South Pacific we thought we would check out prices of flights from Fiji to Vanuatu and then back to Fiji and we were nicely surprised.  Air Vanuatu and Fiji Airways had flights for around $1100 AUD (800 USD) for three return tickets from Nadi to Port Vila.

With so many visitors to both Fiji and Vanuatu, we decided to do a quick visit connecting the two countries with a short flight seeing more of the South Pacific.

Leaving Nadi, aerial views over the Mamanuca Islands group will be on display and a great photography opportunity.  Have that camera ready and impress your family back home with beautiful images. Leaving Vanuatu, great views of the Port will be on offer.

A quick 2-hour 10-minute flight and you are in another paradise. Fiji and Vanuatu are similar but yet so very very different.  Colonised by the French they have left their mark on Vanuatu with pastries and bread to die for, along with amazing cheeses and beef. Colonised by Britain Fiji boasts beautiful Islands, friendly Fijian smiles and fantastic curries plus local Fijian specialities.

Why travel from Fiji to Vanuatu or vice versa?

With connecting flights between Fiji/Vanuatu/Fiji, you can see two countries at an affordable price all during one holiday.

Different cultures and vibe yet both countries are similar which makes it a great holiday experience discovering what else the beautiful South Pacific has to offer.

Could you handle a swim in a vibrant Blue Lagoon? Maybe a enjoy Cascades waterfalls or even post a postcard in the world’s only underwater post box? Or if you knew there was an active volcano that erupts every 20 minutes would you want to see it for yourself? Vanuatu has all this on offer and more.

Fiji to Vanuatu

Aerial Views over the Mamanuca Island Group in Fiji.

Do you want to explore the beautiful Mamanuca Island group or take a drive around Viti Levu? Dine in the best restaurants in Nadi? Enjoy the Sabato hot springs? Get your fill of excellent Fijian Massages or swim at Natadola Beach voted one of the worlds best beaches? This is just a touch of what Fiji can entice you with.


How to travel from Fiji to Vanuatu to Fiji easily


  • Select your transport to the Nadi International Airport

Taxi – Ensure they use their metre

Bus or Mini Van – Any bus going to Lautoka from Nadi will stop at the airport and is a few minutes walk across the main road.


Non metred Taxi’s to and from Bauerfield International Airport – Port Vila are a flat rate of 2000 VT to any destination within Port Vila. 

Vanuatu Bus (Our version of a minivan) are available to catch from the airport but not available after sunset. For flights landing earlier in the day, a bus to town is hired whole and is 1500 – 2000 VT and will happily drop you off to your hotel road. Use Google Maps if unsure. Find fellow travellers to share the costs. Same costs apply for town to the airport.

Have you thought of travelling from Fiji to Vanuatu or Vanuatu to Fiji? If you are in the South Pacific than it’s cheaper and easier than you think. A great way to see two countries in the South Pacific at an affordable price.

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