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Creb Track – Detailed information and Images

November 3, 2017 2 Comments

Its only been a few weeks since we did the Creb Track on our way to Cape York and it was a clear standout as a must do 4×4 experience.

While so many were doing the popular Bloomfield track, the neighbouring Creb Track was a little quiet making it perfect. In the wet season, it’s not a track for the faint-hearted and often closed, but in the dry, any 4×4 enthusiast will find challenging trails, incredible scenic views and pristine clean swimming creeks!

The Creb closes every wet season, keep an eye out for notices.

Highly recommended for any well equipped 4 x 4 driver with recovery experience. Even in moderate rainfall, the track can become impassable. Get stuck, and it may be several days before help arrives.

Even though the track was peaceful and less travelled, there were still several groups moving through each day, so drive remembering at any time you could face an oncoming driver.

Highly recommended for any groups travelling together. We visited as a family and loved the rewarding swimming holes, views, and our favourite spot was Roaring Meg Falls.

TIP: Get off the main road and follow off trails as they can be rewarding and also provide more challenging tracks for more experienced drivers.

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Welcome sign to the Creb Track entering from Daintree Village

Creb Track Details

Creb Track Location

The Creb Track starts just north of Daintree village connecting to Wujal Wujal or south of Cooktown.

We entered the track on the southern end heading north and spent 3 nights camping at two different locations on the track.

Creb Track Length

Being 71 kms long, we met several drivers doing the Bloomfield and Creb track in one day.  We choose to drive slowly enjoying several different locations and I am so glad we did.

After rain, the track becomes slippery and dangerous in parts.  Be prepared to move slowly.

Creb Track Creek Crossing

One of the many clear creek crossings where we stopped, enjoyed the water, skimmed river rocks and had a cool down swim.

Creb Track’s Big Red

We survived. Bottom of Big Red looking back up but this is only a third of the track.

Red Hill on the Creb Track was by far the most challenging during our three days.  Taking the track down slowly we made it to the bottom no issues, but more drivers took the chicken track around than heading straight down.  After any rain, handle Big Red with extreme caution. Many stories have emerged where vehicles were damaged and people have been injured.

Getting stuck on the Track

Roaring Meg Falls

One of the major attractions on the Creb Track was Roaring Meg Falls.  The land is culturally significant to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji (Buru) people. Please respect the landowners request that at the top of the falls, it is recognised by the Buru People as “Woman’s Land”, and no men should have access, nor should any images be captured. Sadly many were disrespectful and ignored this.  Pictures below are of the sandy river bed in the day area where all can enjoy picnics and swim in the beautifully clear, clean water. Croc Free

Roaring Meg Falls Sign

Roaring Meg Falls Sandy beach

River Beach swimming near Roaring Meg Falls

Roaring Meg Falls River Beach Swimming

The beautiful picnic spot with white sandy river sand, clear clean swimming water – No camping should be on the river bank

Creb Track Temperatures

Surprisingly, the Creb Track is cool at night with temperatures dropping low enough for us to all need sleeping bags, socks and tracksuits at night. During the day, it warms up enough to swim and enjoy the tropical paradise. We visited in September 2017. Early season months will be cooler. Pack to stay warm.

Creb Track

Drone View of the Sandy Riverbed and swimming area nearby Roaring Meg Falls

Roaring Meg Falls

Get a Drone. It captures the best family selfies.

If just in case you need a little more convincing to explore the Creb Track, here is a gorgeous sunset pic to show the warm glowing sunsets and the beautiful view we enjoy from Lemon Tree lookout (PS, the land is now privately owned by PJ. He has been living up there for 27 years off the grid, he doesn’t mind visitors and the 4×4 track is certainly challenging).

Lookout on the Creb Track

Lemon Tree Lookout. The property is now privately owned by PJ a friendly character that didn’t mind us arriving unannounced.


A glorious sunset enjoyed on the Creb Track



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Heading to Cape York Qld? Make sure you take on the infamous Creb Track on your way to Cooktown

Blended Family

Two single parents joined forces and became

Blended Family Road Trip


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    Alyson Long

    November 3, 2017

    Wow this is amazing, my husband dreams of taking this 4×4 trip to the tip. We were in Port Douglas, so a great drive from there.

    • Reply

      Blended Family

      November 3, 2017

      It was fantastic Alyson. The tropical Daintree forest, combined with swimming holes and challenging tracks certainly makes it a fantastic “Must Do” 4×4 experience. Any hint of rain, go in extra prepared.