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Travel destinations for families seeking adventure, cultural experiences, good food all while creating wonderful family memories.

Sound like fun? Traveling to interesting destinations, experiencing wonderful diverse cultures and teaching your children about travel while having so much fun, is one of the best gifts you can give them.

We have been committed travellers for over 2 years. We part time travel Australia in a vintage bus, slowly doing a loop around the country seeing as much as we can. We spend several months abroad annually visiting new countries, indulging in new cultures and discovering new interesting food. We also part time work in Fiji saving our pennies for our travel addiction.

Our travel experience is diverse ranging from staying in basic bamboo bungalows with solar power watching an erupting Volcano at midnight up to 5-star resorts with various pools, bars and views designed to keep your focus for hours.

So what makes us, us? A sense of adventure and always up for something new for families. Where have we been and what have we done?

  • Experienced the BEST Ha Long Bay cruise that included a SPA!
  • Ate Trianchelas in Cambodia
  • Had our own personal plunge pool at Royal Davui Fiji
  • Slept in Bamboo Bungalows overlooking a Volcano erupting through out the midnight sky
  • Picnic’d on Sandbanks in the middle of the Ocean only visible on low tide
  • Soaked in Mud Pools
  • Swam in a stunning Blue Lagoon
  • Indulged in 5 star Spa’s experiencing hot shell massages

This list goes on and on