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Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole – Vanuatu

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Vanuatu is known for its Blue Lagoon Swimming holes, and once in Port Vila, you don’t have to travel far to experience one of the best swimming holes we have seen in our travels.

Blue Lagoon fills with clear blue water from an underground fresh water spring. With the Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole positioned next to the sea, uniquely its fresh water at low tide and salt water at high tide.

Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole

Low tide at Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole. Even on low tide the Blue Lagoon is stunning and beautiful to swim in.

Often water holes on low tide are not its most attractive time to view during the day, but with the Blue Lagoon, even at low tide, this stunning swimming hole is jaw dropping beautiful and will entice any human to swim in its beautiful clear blue water.  Head there any time of the day to enjoy this magical piece of paradise.

How to Get to The Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole in Vanuatu

Located on the opposite side of Efate Island from Port Vila, the Blue Lagoon Swimming hole is easy to find and located right next to the main road.  Travel time in a car is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Port Vila. Keep an eye out for signs after you pass the Turtle Bay where you can stop to meet and feed Sharks and Turtles. Located on your right-hand side if traveling anti clock wise from Port Vila.

  • Hire a Car

There are many hire car companies in Port Vila offering vehicles to hire from small two doors through to bigger 4×4 vehicles.  As a family traveling, it was a better option to hire a car, seek out the attractions that interested us, go at times that suited our family allowing us the opportunity to spend more time at places we loved.  We hired a smaller two door 4×4 vehicle from Euro Car for $21,000 VUV for three days (195 USD or 240 AUD)

Pro – With car hire for three days we were able to go back to attractions that interested us in a time frame that suited our travel day.

Cons – Initial outlay in cost was higher than taking tours but much better value over 3 days. We had to drive on the right-hand side of the road. (Don’t forget we originate from Australia)


  • Tours

Walking around Port Vila bay on a lazy Sunday afternoon we were approached by a lovely well dressed local business man offering a 50% discount off his full day tour.  We considered his tours looking at everything on offer from full day tours to half day etc.  The costs were 5,000 VUV pp for the full day tour.  After checking out other tours, the 5,000 VUV pp is the average price you pay for a full day tour around Port Vila which included a short visit to the Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole. Half day tours are not necessarily cheaper and some were 8,000 VUV

Pro – Day tours are a great option for those on short time frames or single travelers.

Cons – You are limited to how long you stay at each attraction, we found most tours only stay a maximum of 1 hour at each stop.  A full day tour may not contain all you want to see while going around the island.  We could not find a day tour that included everything we wanted to do in one tour and needed to do two over two days to see everything.

  • Hire a Bus (mini van)

There is no public bus’s randomly going around the island that you can hop on or off etc. Smaller 12 seater buses are available for hire privately to take you around the island at 8500 VUV (80 USD or 100 AUD). None of these buses are air-conditioned or in good shape for longer trips. They are local style mini vans. Loads of fun though.

Pro – Two or more families can share the costs and travel together.

Con – Not overly comfortable on warmer days. Ensure you pick a reliable bus. You don’t want to get stuck on the side of a road.

child swimming at Blue Lagoon Vanuatu

There is a lovely shallow area where children can play safely in the company of adults

Entry Costs to Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole

Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole was the best value for money during our whole stay in Vanuatu with an entry fee of 350 VUV pp including children. Bring the correct change.

What to bring

  • Swimming Costumes – Trust me when I say you will want to swim, even during Winter!
  • Swimming Towels
  • Water, snacks and a packed lunch – With no facilities to buy food, bring everything you will need.
  • Underwater Camera or Go Pro – Capture memories
  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellant – We didn’t notice the mosquitoes, but with Malaria in Vanuatu, you need to bring along skin protection
  • Floating devices for kids to have fun in the sun
  • Snorkeling Gear – Explore underwater and meet some local fish we thoroughly enjoyed this
  • Sense of Adventure – With a swing rope giving you the option to be some sort of acrobat, dropping mickies into the water, you will have hours of fun. (Be prepared for the sore muscles the next day)
Picnic Tables at Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole Vanuatu

Covered Picnic Tables with thatched roofs are located all around the lagoon giving you plenty of shade and space to enjoy a packed lunch. This was the best one with views overlooking the lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole was one of our most favorite of places in Vanuatu on the main island of Efate and close to Port Vila. We highly recommend people of all ages, families of all sizes and solo travelers make their way to the best Swimming Hole near Port Vila.  You don’t have to travel to Santo Island to experience Vanuatu’s best blue swimming holes.

We loved the Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole so much we visited twice in 3 days.

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