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Best view of Mt Yasur Volcano Tanna Island

The best Tree House on Tanna to view Mt Yasur Volcano night and day.

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With comfortable Lanakel hotels offering day trips to Mt Yasur Volcano bringing you back to resort beds and hot showers at night, it seems strange that visitors would often opt for Tree houses on Tanna with their basic comforts and authentic village experience. It isn’t until you arrive that you realise the million dollar views of Mt Yasur is worth the sacrifice of comfort without a second thought.

Treehouses on Tanna are now popping up like mushrooms claiming to have the magic spot and guaranteed views. But with thick vegetation growing inches every day, do they? We share with you where we stayed, where we found ourselves lost in time and where we had the best view of Mt Yasur Volcano both day and night.

best treehouse view Mt Yasur

Best view of Mt Yasur Volcano Tanna Island

Treehouses are often built high up in Banyon Tree’s to capture the best views of Mt Yasur, but as a traveling family, safety was our primary concern. You may also find several of the tree house accommodations will not accept young children.

Finding the best prices for Treehouse on Tanna.

If you want the best view of Mt Yasur at night? Then let me introduce you to Yasur View Bungalows.

We highly recommend checking Hotels Combined if you’re serious about finding the absolute best price for your stay. This booking engine compares multiple online booking engines to find you the best deal available. often has the best 0ffers, they tend to be non-refundable but has a cool stay 10 nights, get 1 free feature.  Hotels Combined does check If you like to book a long time in advance, reserving multiple hotels on a fully refundable basis, is the one for you.   Thank me later!!  There is plenty of higher-end accommodation in and around the main town of Lénakel for those who are not interested in the experience of Bamboo huts.

Click through the above links and look around. Prepaying before you arrive ensures you don’t need to carry extra cash on the island to pay for accommodation, plus removes any guesswork out of your final bill.  (No ATMs in the area means you need to bring all required money).


With bungalows built on the ground placed on the edge of a cleared hill facing directly at the matriarch of Tanna Island, Yasur View Bungalows makes the perfect location for any traveler looking for the Magic Spot. It didn’t take long into our travels to discover other travelers felt duped with failed promises of views that had long been taken over by growing trees or bungalows that were so basic not even walls were on offer.

Yasur View Bungalows are owned and operated by Mike and his father Sam, the landowner. They are well established and have been hosting guests from around the world for several years. With great reviews, this gave us comfort that they knew how to look after us and give us an experience we wouldn’t forget.

Which Treehouse Bungalow to Choose?

Garden Bungalow at Mt Yasur View Bungalows

Our Garden Bungalow at Yasur View Bungalows

With four Bungalows on their property but with only one holding the fantastic view,  you need to arrive prepared to ensure you get the Bungalow of choice.  There is no guarantee they will allow a pre-booked Bungalow of preference, but I am sure if you communicate clearly they will do everything they can to accommodate your request.

Best Bungalow with a view of Mt Yasur

Our Bungalow with a front balcony view of Mt Yasur Volcano

The first night out of our three, we were given the family bungalow in the garden. Quaint and nestled in amongst the tropical gardens, it was lovely but held zero views.  We didn’t mind, and we didn’t feel we missed out as there are seats and plenty of space to admire the Volcano at any time from the main garden area. But when we noticed the balcony bungalow became available for night two and three, we grabbed it.

What facilities are available?

Eating area at Mt Yasur Bungalows

The little restaurant/eating area where we ate lovingly home made local meals.

There is no denying facilities are basic, but there is nothing quite like experiencing life like a local, and not as a tourist. In addition to the four bungalows, there is a toilet and shower block (curtains for doors only) and a rustic but adequate little eating area where Mikes wife and her children lovingly prepare meals.

The view bungalow holds one double bed and single bed, and mosquito nets cover each bed along with sheets and warm blankets. If you are traveling to Tanna in winter and are sensitive to the cold, bring along a sleeping bag as blankets are limited.

A small bedside table separates the beds and two plastic garden chairs sit on the balcony.

View of Mt Yasur Tanna Island

Our cute little balcony where we sat and watched Mt Yasur from our Bungalow

Inside our basic bungalow. One double bed and one single bed separated by a small bedside table. Material hangs on the walls to block the wind and create decoration.

All lighting is 12-volt solar and only available from 6 pm – 9 pm. Charging phones and laptops is also available during daylight hours on request only.


Gardens at Mt Yasur Bungalows

Beautiful tropical gardens surround you at Mt Yasur View Bungalows

With beautiful gardens, nearby villages, lovely nature walks, and friendly locals, there is never a dull moment even when you are relaxing and enjoying the area.


Tips to make your stay even more enjoyable

  • Bring all the cash you need, with only one ATM at Lanakel you will need to pre organise your money before you arrive. Don’t rely on one ATM on the island that can often be down and is a 2-hour drive from Yasur View Bungalows.
  • Bring plenty of snacks and fruit for hungry tummies. There are no shops readily available with plenty of food options on the way to Mt Yasur. Bring everything you will need for food and a little more in case of fussy eaters.
  • Pack provisions for meals in cases of emergencies. Our booking information stated lunch was cooked daily, and sadly it wasn’t offered at all during our three-day stay. Luckily we had eggs, rice, canned tuna, soy sauce and instant meals to get us through.
  • Visiting in winter? Pack warm clothing
  • Saturdays is a holy day for Mike and his family. No one would be around to assist with tours or take you to the Volcano unless pre arranged. If possible, avoid Saturdays as most people in the area are resting and attending church, and it can be a waste of a day if you are planning on seeing things in the area.
  • Pre organise sight seeing tours on the way to Yasur View Bungalows or when returning to the airport. Utilise this time to kill two birds with the one stone as transfers and tours are expensive.
Mt Yasur exploding at Night

Here is the image we captured from our balcony at 2 am in the morning while watching Mt Yasur light up the sky.


We highly encourage spending two nights at Yasur View Bungalows.  One night is rushed but two nights allows you to visit the village, experience Mt Yasur Volcano & spend some time wandering around and enjoying this unique location. We stayed three nights and found the third night to be too long.

Staying at Yasur View Bungalows which boasts the best treehouse with a view of Mt Yasur is highly recommended, the experience is like no other.  Would you stay in a bamboo bungalow with a spectacular view of Mt Yasur Volcano if it meant sacrificing a few luxuries?

If you are taking children to Mt Yasur or if you want to get our tips on what to pack to make the experience more enjoyable, then you may find our post on What To Pack when visiting Mt Yasur a worthwhile read.



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