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Finding the BEST Hotel Deals – Sharing our accommodation secret!!

November 4, 2017 0 Comments

Anyone who knows us knows that we are FANTASTIC at getting the best holiday deals. When we first started travelling years and years ago, the internet was a mass of information, but the best deals or information wasn’t always easy to find.

Spending hours and hours on the internet now for the best hotel deals is downright dumb!!  But don’t feel bad, we have done it too. We want to show you how to get the best hotel deals available in the area you want and with the inclusions you need all with ONE SIMPLE SEARCH.

Our latest little accommodation booking site find has saved me hours of time organising accommodation for our upcoming trips in New Zealand and India. I am over the moon that I have found an easier way knowing I can get the best deals available all with one simple search.

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Whats our new find?

With so many booking sites available, which one is best? HOTELS COMBINED is a searching site that searches several of the top booking sites in one go.  Agoda,, and are just to name a few. often has the best 0ffers, they tend to be non-refundable, but has a great offer stay 10 nights, get 1 free feature.  Hotels Combined does also check If you like to book a long time in advance, reserving multiple hotels on a fully refundable basis, is the one for you.   Thank me later!!

They search for latest available deals and then provide all the information on one page ready for you to peruse.  Once all that information is available, you can then add your inclusions.  You may choose to search based on high review ratings, price or you may want breakfast included and that the accommodation provides a pool?  All this can is done on the one page.

How many hours have I just saved you? And how many dollars too? Do I get an AMEN!!  Don’t worry I hear you all the way from here.

I have probably lost you by now as I know you are searching for the best deals for your next upcoming trip away from home.

Enjoy the less stress and extra dollars, buy yourself a cool bevvie from us.

Happy Holidays


The best accommodation deals in one simple search booking engine

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