Blended Family Road trip

Blended Family

We are a Blended Family that inspires family units of all shapes and sizes to travel.

“Pack that suitcase and discover new and exciting places. The kids will love you for it”.

Who are we? We are a Bus Travel Family but we also give our backpacks a good work out.

Both divorced, we are giving it our all making round two work while discovering the step parent, step child journey.

We travel and live on the road full-time. Our various travels are taking us (slooooowly) around Australia in a converted bus, with several months working abroad annually and international travel thrown in for fun.

Life is a journey and meant to be travelled right?

Follow us for some family travel inspiration as we travel the world in our bus and with our backpacks


Full-time Wedding and Travel Photographer, mother and newly created Blogger.

I was 18 when a friend’s mother stopped me in the street, told me I should travel, see the world and live life to the fullest. I didn’t believe I could do such things. I didn’t believe in myself.

Broken marriage, four kids, several tedious and also rewarding careers later and I can say with a confident voice. I am no longer that low self-esteem girl anymore.

I travel the world and created the career of my dreams. I have four incredibly inspiring children plus two fabulous Stepchildren. I have found the love of my life (finally, I kick a goal on that oval), and I face 50 with passion and thankful heart.


Sparky (Electrician) Fisherman, Pina Colada lover, Tattooed body, incredibly social Champion of Champions.

John may not always be the voice behind the blog, but he is louder in real life.

A special dedicated Dad to both his natural and step children.

An outstanding handy fix-it man. Pedantic and fussy, details are everything.

With his sense of his adventure, love for camping and fishing, he has made road tripping paramount in his life.

Travelling the country is not new to him, but a passport is.


John Leezett Blended Family Road Travel